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up and down mandala by slbradley

drawings: Meditations IV

  After working through adding colour into my work with the Meditations II and Meditations III drawings, the work settled into a balance of colour and line in Meditations IV.  This work seeks a balance between structured line, organic colour, and even texture. It has evolved into combining […]

blue watercolour mandala by slbradley

drawings: Meditations III

I was preparing a line drawing in the style of the Meditations I series for a competition when I accidentally dropped a slice of pesto pizza on my work. The green stain it left was heart breaking, but also inspiring. I began experimenting with adding […]

drawings: “River Silhouettes”

Rivers, 2014 pen and paper The original idea for these image came to me as I was thinking of a tattoo I might like to get to commemorate my time in the Hudson Valley. After I made the first drawing of the Hudson’s silhouette, I […]

drawings: “Meditations I”

Meditations, 2014 Pen and paper These drawings were inspired by a study of sacred geometry and mandalas. Each drawing represents a period of creative listening. Each time I sat down to create one of these meditations, I had no preconceived notion of what the piece […]