I was born and raised in Texas, bred with a love of big skies and dirt in the air. I studied film and electronic art at Bard College in New York’s Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley’s quiet mountains and brackish river made my soul sing, but my artistic confidence was destroyed in university, so I did not make much work in the years directly after graduating. Instead, I stayed in the Hudson Valley and worked at an independent cinema and as an electrical engineer for a renewable energy company for several years before joining Etsy in Hudson.

Through Etsy, I got the opportunity to move to the UK and work in their London office in early 2013. London has been an incredible growth opportunity and has truly expanded my mind and horizons. The difficult and lonely nature of moving country allowed me space, time, and the desire to explore ideas I had only been tinkering with, like meditation and oneness. As I have rediscovered my connection to our beautiful world, my artistic identity has also blossomed, and I’ve been more creative and inspired in the last six months than I have in the last ten years.

My work has frequently revolved around questions between man and our role in nature, often exploring how technology supports or destroys the inherent connection there. My style has matured into a more minimal and simplistic presentation of strongly conceptual art. Blissful or joyful themes are tempered by precise and engineered composition.

My current projects include pen and ink drawings and 3D drawn forms inspired by sacred geometry, as well as silhouettes of rivers I have visited, linocuts, and screen printing.

I invite you to check out my most recent work in my portfolio here as well as keep up to date with my life, travel, and inspirations at my blog, MakeOrBreakBlog.com.

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