up and down mandala by slbradley

drawings: Meditations IV

  After working through adding colour into my work with the Meditations II and Meditations III drawings, the work settled into a balance of colour and line in Meditations IV.  This work seeks a balance between structured line, organic colour, and even texture. It has evolved into combining […]

blue watercolour mandala by slbradley

drawings: Meditations III

I was preparing a line drawing in the style of the Meditations I series for a competition when I accidentally dropped a slice of pesto pizza on my work. The green stain it left was heart breaking, but also inspiring. I began experimenting with adding […]

drawings: “River Silhouettes”

Rivers, 2014 pen and paper The original idea for these image came to me as I was thinking of a tattoo I might like to get to commemorate my time in the Hudson Valley. After I made the first drawing of the Hudson’s silhouette, I […]

polaroid photography

Cornwall, 2015 New York, 2015 Texas, 2015 Sandwood, 2014 Cornwall, 2014 Travel photography project near Lands End, UK. September, 2014. Lakes District, 2014 Travel photography project in the Lakes District, UK. June 2014. Nantes, 2014 Travel photography project in Nantes, France. June 2014. Maine, 2013 […]

slbradley mountain print close linocut

linocut prints

I became interested in linocut printing because the process of carving a plate to create a visual image appealed to me. It felt like a more hands-on approach to creating visual art. The sailboat was my first stab, created in fall of 2013. The mountain […]

drawings: “Meditations I”

Meditations, 2014 Pen and paper These drawings were inspired by a study of sacred geometry and mandalas. Each drawing represents a period of creative listening. Each time I sat down to create one of these meditations, I had no preconceived notion of what the piece […]


Sketchbook Project, 2011 The Sketchbook Project provided me with an opportunity to create collage works from a collection of saved snippets from a dear friend. A graphic designer trained before the days of photoshop, she had an extensive collection of imagery she would cut out […]

slbradley jumpflyswim still


Selected Video Works Fly Ballet from S L C Bradley on Vimeo. Everyone’s Nipples Are Different from S L C Bradley on Vimeo. JumpFlySwim from S L C Bradley on Vimeo. Making Waves from S L C Bradley on Vimeo. Dancing Leaves from S L […]

repeating prints

Stamp Experiments, 2013 This project began as a DIY tutorial for potato stamping, but I became so enamored with the gradations and tonal spectrum the stamp produced, I ended up making this series.

SLCB light tree installation


Light installation, 2007 8 fluorescent lights with vellum sleeves.   Map Installation, 2015 River silhouette map of London installed at the SCENE “Maps” show. Participants were invited to add a symbol to the map and key. Together we created a map of London void of […]